Changing the numerical integratorΒΆ

Several global options for KPP are listed at the top of the gckpp.kpp file:

#INTEGRATOR rosenbrock
#LANGUAGE Fortran90
#DRIVER none
#MEX off

The #INTEGRATOR tag specifies the choice of numerical integrator that you wish to use with your chemical mechanism. The Rosenbrock solver is used by default.


We do not recommend changing the value of #INTEGRATOR.

However, if you wish to use a different integrator for research purposes, you may select from one of the following options:

  • exponential

  • gillespie

  • kpp_dvode

  • kpp_lsode

  • kpp_radau5

  • kpp_sdirk4

  • kpp_seulex

  • none

  • rosenbrock

  • rosenbrock_adj

  • rosenbrock_split

  • rosenbrock_tlm

  • runge_kutta

  • runge_kutta_adj

  • runge_kutta_tlm

  • sdirk

  • sdirk_adj

  • sdirk_tlm

  • tau_leap

The #LANGUAGE setting should be set to Fortran90.

The other options should be left as they are, as they are not relevant to GEOS-Chem.

For more information about KPP settings, please see the KPP 2.1 user manual.