Adding species

Chemically-active species

List chemically-active (aka variable) species in the #DEFVAR section of custom.eqn, as shown below:

A3O2       = IGNORE; {CH3CH2CH2OO; Primary RO2 from C3H8}
ACET       = IGNORE; {CH3C(O)CH3; Acetone}
ACTA       = IGNORE; {CH3C(O)OH; Acetic acid}
...etc ...

Chemically-inactive species

List species whose concentrations do not change in the #DEFFIX of custom.eqn, as shown below:

H2         = IGNORE; {H2; Molecular hydrogen}
N2         = IGNORE; {N2; Molecular nitrogen}
O2         = IGNORE; {O2; Molecular oxygen}
... etc ...

Species may be listed in any order, but we have found it convenient to list them alphabetically.