Creating Fortran-90 chemical mechanism modules for GEOS-Chem

Run the script

Once you are satisfied with your custom mechanism specification you may now use KPP-for-GEOS-Chem to build the source code files for GEOS-Chem.

Return to the KPP folder containing and then type:

$ ./ custom

The script runs the KPP-for-GEOS-Chem executable (which is named gckpp) on the gckpp.kpp configuration file. It also runs a python script to generate code for the OH reactivity diagnostic.

Once you run the script, you will see output similar to this:

This is KPP-X.Y.Z_gc.
KPP is parsing the equation file.
KPP is computing Jacobian sparsity structure.
KPP is starting the code generation.
KPP is initializing the code generation.
KPP is generating the monitor data:
  - gckpp_Monitor
KPP is generating the utility data:
  - gckpp_Util
KPP is generating the global declarations:
  - gckpp_Main
KPP is generating the ODE function:
  - gckpp_Function
KPP is generating the ODE Jacobian:
  - gckpp_Jacobian
  - gckpp_JacobianSP
KPP is generating the linear algebra routines:
  - gckpp_LinearAlgebra
KPP is generating the utility functions:
  - gckpp_Util
KPP is generating the rate laws:
  - gckpp_Rates
KPP is generating the parameters:
  - gckpp_Parameters
KPP is generating the global data:
  - gckpp_Global
KPP is generating the driver from none.f90:
  - gckpp_Main
KPP is starting the code post-processing.

KPP has succesfully created the model "gckpp".

Reactivity consists of 172 reactions
Written to gckpp_Util.F90

where X.Y.Z denotes the KPP-for-GEOS-Chem version that you are using.

If this process is successful, the custom folder should now be populated with several .F90 source code files:

CMakeLists.txt*      gckpp_Initialize.F90  gckpp_LinearAlgebra.F90  gckpp_Precision.F90
custom.eqn           gckpp_Integrator.F90                gckpp_Rates.F90
gckpp_Function.F90   gckpp_Jacobian.F90    gckpp_Model.F90          gckpp_Util.F90
gckpp_Global.F90     gckpp_JacobianSP.F90  gckpp_Monitor.F90        Makefile_gckpp
gckpp_HetRates.F90@  gckpp.kpp             gckpp_Parameters.F90

These files contain optimized Fortran-90 instructions for solving the chemical mechanism that you have specified.